Developing Leaders, Transforming Organizations, and Building Accountable Cultures 

Change Integration Consulting (CIC) offers consulting services for business, government, law enforcement, education, and other public-sector agencies.   One constant that leaders face is the need to "integrate change" successfully into their organizations - to grow, improve, adapt or even transform a team, department, business unit, or enterprise processes. At CIC, we work with leadership and key stakeholders to understand their needs and ensure programs and change initiatives are successfully executed and business value captured. Our practice areas and service include:


  • Assessment of Organizational Accountability and Transparency
  • Investigation of Misconduct Complaints
  • Review of Policies and Practices to Enhance Fair and Effective Policing
  • Evaluating Effectiveness of Agency Initiatives
  • Assessment and Integration of Risk Management Strategies 
  • Enhancement of Community Relations  
  • Making Civilian Oversight Work for all Stakeholders


  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Change and Transformation
  • Organizational Design / Restructuring
  • Technology Adoption and Learning
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Team Development / Retreat & Meeting Facilitation
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic & Operationational Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management

As communities across the U.S. confront misconduct and work to promote constitutional policing, this timely handbook provides best practices in conducting and reviewing police complaint investigations at all levels, from discourtesy to excessive use of force and systemic issues. The Police Misconduct Complaint Investigations Manual is a comprehensive guide for administrative misconduct inquiries, including intake, steps for conducting robust investigations, data tracking, and reporting on trends. The Manual is a critical primer for civilian oversight practitioners, internal affairs investigators, police managers, auditing professionals, government representatives, community advocates, law enforcement leaders, criminal and social justice students, and all others in pursuit of fair, thorough, and timely investigations of police misconduct complaints.

ORdering information:

The Police Misconduct Complaint Investigations Manual: For Investigators, Auditors, Monitors, and Others Conducting or Reviewing Investigations

by Barbara Attard and Kathryn Olson

For book orders at discounted prices, contact Kathryn Olson. This book also can be ordered directly through Amazon.

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