Leadership Coaching and Team Development

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Increase executive performance and business results through leadership coaching .
Our customized approach to coaching involves working with leaders to enhance their skills to be successful in their assignments and prepare for future roles.  Our coaching is a partnership to:

  • Use 360 assessments or other assessment processes to identify leadership strengths, as well as self-limiting tendencies that reduce effectiveness
  • Identifying developmental opportunities and goals that tie back to organizational benefits
  • Establishing  personal development plans
  • Work through the learning and growth to successfully implement their development plans and achieve business goals.

Train and coach leaders to be successful change agents and implement specific change initiatives.  
Today's leaders face many adaptive challenges that require building a case for change and leading the change process. We partner with leaders to:
Clarify the change situations

  • Assess current skills in leading change
  • Learn how to set up the change infrastructure and clarify roles of the change team
  • Understanding the dynamics and levers for change
  • Align the change team on a change strategy, plan and milestones
  • Provide coaching and support to ensure success

Team Development

Conduct team development to reduce internal conflict and increase team effectiveness and delivery capability.  
Leaders need to develop teams for many reasons - new direct reports, new project team, new organization, new performance needs and challenges. Whatever the reason, we work with leaders to understand their specific needs.  We then partner with them to design and deliver impactful team development interventions.  This may involve working with the leader, team, and potentially external stakeholders to:

  • Clarify external challenges and expectations for the team
  • Build a common vision and purpose that inspires team members
  • Set specific team goals and objectives to focus energy
  • Define team roles and responsibilities
  • Establish team processes and procedures that fully engage team members
  • Provide learning in how to give constructive feedback to keep team on target for high performance
  • Use assessment tools to improve the team's ability to effectively leverage differences in team member styles

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Design and facilitate complex meetings and retreats.
Retreats and complex meetings are venues for accomplishing many things of consequence, such as addressing complex problems and aligning stakeholders to new organizational strategies and programs; or in conducting strategic and operational planning.  We work with leaders and planning teams to:

  • Gather inputs and requirements from multiple stakeholders
  • Work to clarify aspirations and set goals of consequence
  • Develop a robust retreat agenda
  • Develop a facilitation plan to generate excitement, engagement, and commitment
  • Develop meeting material; 
  • Facilitate the meeting to achieve aspirations and break-through goals.


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